Our story

We want a world...

Where you never have to think about charging again

"Where are my keys to the front door? 
Oh no... they're still in my car at the charging station - a few blocks from here!"

This situation is the reason why Dieter sold his electric car.
Why? Dieter lives in the city and the nearest charging station is a 10-minute walk away.

His frustration with finding a charging station was the start of a bold idea:
Charging as a service!

Dieter was searchin for a 2nd opinion and contacted Kris, a very good friend and tech geek. He asked him if it was a viable card? Kris laughed and recommended that this idea be dropped immediately.
But, the idea did not let Kris go. Two weeks and several sleepless nights later, Kris had figured out the whole technical aspect and approved it...

Uze  was born!

Meet our AMAZING team

Co-founder, CEO & CTO
Kris Verdonck
Kris lets the electricity flow. He is the bass line of UZE and animates the story from the head and the heart.
Co-founder & COO
Dieter Schotte
Inspirator and concept designer of UZE. Dieter manages peak questions and tension with the snap of a finger.
Head of Business
David Coertjens
Since his first contact with UZE, David felt a lot of sparks. Enough to power everyone.
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